The use of timber for fencing and especially gates can result in a stunning look, using a range of durable timbers such as native hardwoods, treated radiata pine or western red cedar.  There is even synthetic timber which is less affected by the elements and requires less ongoing maintenance.


Benefits of a timber fence gate or balustrade include:


  • Privacy – timber fences can be built to at least 2 metres, and slats or palings can be positioned so there are no gaps, resulting in a solid fence that offers the highest level of privacy;
  • Design – timber fencing is extremely versatile and can be customised to suit any application especially with the direction of the palings which can be vertical or horizontal, shiplap or spaced apart to a preferred gap.  Different finishes, sawn or planed as well as a choice of dimensions and coating choices are only limited by your imagination;
  • Character – timber fencing can add character to your home or business and make a statement to reflect sympathy with your environment or architectural preferences; and
  • Ease of installation – timber fences can be installed on almost any site.  Timber fences may sometimes be best suited to sloped environments.

Our timber fences can be customised to your required style and profile.

We can also install new brush fencing and repair old brush fences.

The use of steel posts and rails help eliminate sag and post rot and these can even be powdercoated to your desired colour.