Privacy Policy

This policy sets out the way McNamara Fencing Contractors collects and uses personal information and how persons can access their personal information held by us.

Personal information we collect
Depending on the particular circumstances, we may collect and hold a range of different information. This can include your name, date of birth, address, email address, phone number, mobile telephone number, age, driver’s licence details, qualifications, bank account details, credit card details, financial information, photographs and video footage. Information may be obtained from access to our website for statistical purposes, this information is usually anonymous and we do not use it to identify individuals. However, due to the nature of internet protocols, such information might contain details that identify individuals such as their IP address, internet service provider, a directing web page or activity on our website. Sensitive information will be used and disclosed only for the purpose for which it was provided or a directly related purpose, or where the disclosure is allowed by law.

How we collect your information
We may collect your information in a number of ways in the course of conducting a business, including:

  • directly from you such as a job application form or an account application form
  • providing goods and services to customers and administering customer accounts
  • engaging suppliers, contractors or other personnel
  • from third parties such as our related entities or credit reporting bodies
  • responding to telephone or in-person questions
  • mail correspondence, emails, website or other electronic means
  • security video surveillance
  • from publicly available sources of information

In some circumstances it is necessary to collect personal information through third party service providers or agents from a source of publicly available information, from an employer, from a contractor providing information about his staff or from other third parties including credit reporting bodies, the Australian Securities & Investments Commission and Land Titles office in relation to credit checks, property searches and company extracts.

How we hold your information
We may store information in hard copy or electronic format and will take reasonable steps to maintain the security of your information and to protect it from unauthorised disclosures however we cannot guarantee you the absolute protection against potential security threats and risks. Fieldquip respects the privacy of personal information will only use it for the purpose it was collected and will disclose personal information to third parties where such disclosures are necessary in the normal course of business. These third parties may include service providers, contractors, banks, professional advisers, regulatory authorities, other companies and individuals. Certain information may be stored overseas within a cloud computing environment.

What do we do with information we gather
Information is kept for internal record keeping. The use of personal information depends on the purpose for which it was collected. We may send promotional marketing material to you or other correspondence as required in the normal course of business.
McNamara Fencing Contractors generally uses your personal information to:

  • provide its products and services to customers
  • process transactions and accounts
  • market, advertise or otherwise promote our products and/or services
  • assess creditworthiness

In circumstances where direct marketing is permitted under the Privacy Act an opt-out procedure will be included in our marketing communications. We are fully entitled to change this Policy entirely or some of its elements occasionally with no obligation to inform the Clients about this every time these changes occur.

How to access or correct your personal information or make a privacy complaint
If you wish to access any of your personal information that we hold or would like to correct any errors in that information, please contact us so that we can consider and respond to your request.
Please contact McNamara Fencing Contractors accounts department:
Phone (08) 83877522 or by email [email protected]