Frequently Asked Questions

What type of fences do you install?
What type of fence would you like us to install?

Do you make and install fences?
Yes. And because we make a lot of our own, we can control the job much better, allow our Clients more flexibility and customise works to suit your specific needs

How will I know that I will get what I am asked to pay for?
We value our reputation and our Management Team are strongly committed to ethical business behaviour.

What if I have a problem after installation?
Contact us. We do prefer problems to be put to us in writing; email or fax. If we are the cause of the problem…we will fix it.

Are your prices competitive, even though you are a larger contractor?
We think so. Our size does allow us to buy at very competitive rates

Why do you receive repeat business from your customers?
Because we try very hard to always do the right thing.

Why do I have to sign a copy of my quotation that you have given me before you start work?
The Quotation includes our Terms & Conditions. They quantify the scope of works and define the trading relationship. They are simply part of running a sound and professional business.

Do you do work only in the Southern areas?
No. We do work throughout the metropolitan area as well as country and remote areas.