McNamara Fencing Contractors

Clients often come to us for solutions to their problems.  This sometimes requires lateral thinking and the application of our skills and many years of experience.

Sometimes, our clients have a ready-made solution that we have used before and we know it works.

Sometimes, we come up with a bright idea in conjunction with our clients.

If it’s unusual, or just a bit different, think McNamara Fencing!

Just a few examples include:

  • Air conditioner and plant compounds attached to the sides of buildings;
  • Bollards – fixed,  removable or architectural;
  • Bike racks;
  • Storage compounds in multi-storey strata premises;
  • Baseball and sporting ground backstops;
  • Bag racks;
  • Hand rails;
  • Vermin proof fencing;
  • Cow’s horns posts for higher security barbed wire topped fences;
  • Special posts for attaching fences or barbed wire to the top of walls or to retaining walls;
  • Customised steel brackets; and
  • Secure services compounds within multi storey buildings.

If you need something custom-designed or modified, or if you just need inspiration on a project, we are well-equipped to help you.

We are often able to value engineer your specifications to give you the same functionality at a lower cost.

If it sounds a bit difficult, give us a call.  We hope to pleasantly surprise you.